Home Visits

Alan understands that not all his patients can come in to the practice for treatment, this is why he also has a home visiting service.

Alan offers the same level of treatment in you own home as we do in our Surgery. His private treatments consists of :

  • routine treatment to corns and callus
  • referral  system for podiatric surgery
  • referral to GP for NHS treatment
  • verruca treatment
  • heel pain treatment
  • hard skin removal
  • nail cutting
  • in growing toe nails
  • fungal nail infections including athlete’s foot
  • If anything else is missing from this list please contact Alan.
  • full diabetic treatment

If you have an elderly relative or friend who is in need with any treatments please do not hesitate in getting in touch. Alan is a very understanding person who will help any way he can.  It is important elderly people pay special attention to their feet. Older feet tend to develop more problems naturally, this is due to the thinning of skin. Due to wear and tear, heeling often takes longer.

Uncomfortable and painful feet are not necessarily a natural progression of ageing. If you would like any more advice or information regarding Alan’s chiropody home visit treatments, please call us: 0121 386 3791